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eclinical clinical trials software
DCTRIALS Suite is the right tool to design and lead projects which require a remote data capture and a complete remote management of these data. We can manage from a Phase II Clinical Trial, including the necessary quality controls, to a simple survey for physicians or patients.

Our product is the right tool for Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials which require full control and quality of the data collected. DCTrials Suite is a set of applications created by DCT as a resuly of applying the newest technology to our wide experience in developing tools to conduct computered clinical studies. This suite provides powerful tools to physicians, monitoring personnel, project managers and sponsors with the aim of improving their work.

DCTrials Suite is an web-based on-line application that manages a single-centralised database. It’s software is installed in the main server of the study and it is reachable by the users via Internet. Physicians, monitors, project managers and sponsor staff are allowed to wotk with this suite through a web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator,…)
All data collected is kept directly in a single-centralised database, so it is not necessary to recombine data from several (or disconnected) sources. The information is provided in real-time and it is reachable by registered users which are granted to get the data. All data transmited in the study are encripted using a SSL protocol between the server and the web browser of the studies. The corresponding SSL security certificate is provided by a Thawte, a world-wide leading global Certification Authority.
Every day, a full backup of all data related to the studies is performed and securely kept by the company.

Main features

  • Access to the application via username/password
  • Centralized database
  • Multi-idiom software (applications, e-crd, …)
  • “Audit trail” with track of all modifications in the data collected during the study
  • Automatic and on-line check/validation of the data collected during the entry of data (“Automatic Queries”)
  • Data monitoring module
  • Manual Queries facility
  • Automatic alerts facility
  • on-line randomization facility

Main advantages

  • It lowers the time of cleaning the data collected as well as the corresponding associated costs
  • Web-based solutions that avoids installing additional software in the computers of the final user
  • It lowers the time of solving a query
  • Real time view of all data gathered and the current status of patients, visits, …
  • Fast solution of technical issues due to minimal computing requirements
  • Allows fast mechanisms to add or modify the design of the study, even it has already started

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eclinical clinical trials software
Phase I, II, III, IV trials
Centralized Solution
Complex Validation Plan
Role based access for physicians and CRAs
Real Time results
Audit Trail of changes
Email and SMS notifications
Automatic Queries Management
Manual Queries Management
Visit Schedule
CRA Data Validation
Training Mode